Social media card images#

This extension will automatically generate a PNG meant for sharing documentation links on social media platforms. These cards display metadata about the page that you link to, and are meant to catch the attention of readers.

See the website for a way to preview what your social media cards look like. Here’s an example of what the card for this page looks like:


Disable card images#

To disable social media card images, use the following configuration:
ogp_social_cards = {
    "enable": False

Update the top-right image#

By default the top-right image will use the image specified by html_logo if it exists. To update it, specify another path in the image key like so:
ogp_social_cards = {
    "image": "path/to/image.png",

The image cannot be an SVG

Matplotlib does not support easy plotting of SVG images, so ensure that your image is a PNG or JPEG file, not SVG.

Customize the text font#

By default, the Roboto Flex font is used to render the card text.

You can specify the other font name via font key:
ogp_social_cards = {
    "font": "Noto Sans CJK JP",

You might need to install an additional font package on your environment. Also, note that the font name needs to be discoverable by Matplotlib FontManager. See Matplotlib documentation for the information about FontManager.

Customize the card#

There are several customization options to change the text and look of the social media preview card. Below is a summary of these options.

  • site_url: Set a custom site URL.

  • line_color: Color of the border line at the bottom of the card, in hex format.

Example social cards#

Below are several social cards to give an idea for how this extension behaves with different length and size of text.